A list of all current SFB633 projects.

Project division A “topography and induction of the immune response in the gut”:

Subproject A1 - Project leader: Prof. Dr. Scheffold.  Other team members: Ahlers, Hohnstein, Iwert, Neumann, Rudolph

Analysis of the presentation of orally applied antigens and the specific T-cell reaction: tolerance versus immunity

 Subproject A5 - Project leaders: Prof. Dr. Blankenstein, Dr. Willimsky. Other team members: Hoser, Horn, Schön, Borgwald

Analysis of the spontaneous and induced immune response against tumors of the gastrointestinal tract.

Subproject A7
- Project leaders: Prof. Dr. Bereswill, Prof. Dr. Göbel, Prof. Dr. Schumann. Other team members: Ekmekciu, Heimesaat, Reifenberger, Woellner

Microbiota-mediated regulation of intestinal T-cell responses.

Subproject A10 - Project leader: Dr. Schott. Other team members: Eickmeier, Malik

Impact of CD8+ T-cell activation in the liver on the development of extraintestinal manifestations of inflammatory bowel diseases in the liver.

Subproject A12 - Project leader: Prof. Dr. Siegmund. Other team members: Batra, Dang, Freise, Keye, Poralla, Stettig, Strassenburg

Mesenteric adipose tissue and the regulatory function in intestinal inflammation.

Subproject A13 - Project leader: Prof. Dr. Nedospasow. Other team members: Kononenko, Kruglov, Kuchmij

Significance of tumor necrosis factor and lymphotoxin signalling for mucosal immunity.

Subproject A14
- Project leader: Prof. Dr. Dörner, Dr. Ullrich. Other team members: Boortz, Maul, Mei, Meyer, Münchow, Preiß, Sackl

Characterization of human peripheral and intestinal T cell responses after mucosal antigen exposition: Induction of tolerance vs. immunity.

Subproject A15 - Project leaders: PhD Esplugues, Dr. Hauser. Other team members: Cirera, Günther, Niesner, Schliemann

Analysis of tolerance induction of interleukin-17-producing T helper cells in the small intestine.

Project division B “regulation and modulation of the intestinal immunity”:

Subproject B1 - Project leader: Prof. Dr. Hamann. Weitere MitarbeiterInnen: Engelbert, Hackbusch, Leichsenring, Lauer, Triebus, Trupp

Induction of specific homing receptors and of regulatory properties in mucosal T cells.

Subproject B2
- Project leaders: Dr. Höpken, Dr. Dr. Lipp. Other team members: Krüger, Michaelis, Schradi, Schwede

Regulation of lymphocyte effector/memory functions in the mucosal immune response.

Subproject B6 - Project leader: Dr. Heimesaat. Other team members: Bereswill, Ekmekciu, Hagen, Lohmann, Wattrodt

Mechanism of induction and effector function in T-cell-mediated ileitis following oral infection with Toxoplasma gondii.

Subproject B9
- Project leaders: Dr. Moos, Prof. Dr. Dr. Schneider. Other team members: Epple, Friebel, Fehr, Moter, Müller, Steigerwald, Seipel, Weigt

Morbus Whipple – investigation of interactions of T cells and antigen presenting cells.

Subproject B10 - Project leaders: Dr. Chang, Prof. Dr. Radbruch, Prof. Dr. Thiel. Other team members: Mashreghi, Meier, Möwes, Schliemann, Sgouroudis

Role of pro-inflammatory T cells in chronic mucosal inflammation.

Subproject B12
- Project leaders: Prof. Dr. Aebischer, Dr. Igantius, Prof. Dr. Meyer, Prof. Dr. Dr. Schneider. Other team members: Bauer, Bösel, Epple, Gehrmann, Hoffmann, Moos, Neumann, Schlärmann, Seipel, Viveros

Modulation of the T cell dependent immune defence against Helicobacter pylori under the influence of cholesterol.

Subproject B14 - Project leader: M.D. Ph.D Dr. Romagnani. Other team members: Glatzer, Hammer, Schliemann

Role and potential therapeutic use of IL-22+ natural killer cells in colitis.

Subproject Z1 - Project leaders: Dr. Kühl, Prof. Dr. Schulzke, Prof. Dr. med. Zeitz. Other team members: Dr. Erben, Keles, May, Dr. Schumann, Spieckermann

Development of systematic morphological methods for the evaluation of mucosal inflammations and the in situ detection of defined cell populations.

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