Study Program

Overview about the activities offered within section A), B), and C)

A) Mucosale Immunology

Title Topics
„Mucosal Immunology and Gastroenterology: from Bench to Bedside“ Endoscopy, Confocal Laser-Endomicroscopy, Target-Specific Therapeutical Strategies, Outpatient Clinic, Ward Rounds, Histopathological Tissue Analysis etc.
“Animal Models in Mucosal Immunology” Animal Endoscopy, Colitis-Models, T-cell-Based Tolerance Models, Gnotobiotic Animal Models, Infection Models, Gastrointestinal Barrier etc.
Students´ Research Day Students present their projects and discuss about their data, organized and moderated by the students
Translational Approaches Clinical Studies, Transfer of basic scientific results to humans

B) Complementary Skills

Title Topics
Basic Techniques in Immunology* Flow Cytometry, Cell Sorting, Transfection, Gene Targeting etc.
Laboratory Animal Course* Handling of laboratory animals, Experimental animal techniques
Statistical Evaluation of Data** Statistics, Methods of data analysis, Presentation of data
Scientific Writing / Scientific Presentation* Rules and methods of writing a research paper or the own doctoral thesis, Professional presentation of scientific data
Good Scientific Practice* Aspects and rules of good scientific practice
Grant Writing for Scientists Strategies and techniques to write a scientific grant, Presentation of different financing options
Time- and Project-Management Introduction of possible time- and project-schedules for the doctoral thesis, Development of own strategies
Application in Science Criteria of written applications and of an interview
Language Courses** German for foreign students, Scientific English

C) Additional Course Offerings*

Additional courses can be chosen depending on the individual topic of the thesis.


*in cooperation with other immunological SFBs

**in cooperation with the DRS