A) Mucosal Immunology

In the Section A) Mucosal Immunology students of natural sciences gain an impression of clinical aspects while medical students improve their background knowledge in basic research.

“Mucosal Immunology and Gastroenterology: from Bench to Bedside”

6 appointments per semester; 60-90 min
Topics: endoscopy, confocal laser endomicroscopy, target specific therapeutical strategies, ward rounds, inflammatory bowel diseases etc.
The students obtain informative insights into clinical background and basic science. Certain diseases in gastroenterology, their clinical pictures and their importance for the community health and for the individual patient will be addressed. The goals of these lectures are to introduce the students to specific techniques in the field of mucosal immunology and the assessment of how basic scientific knowledge is applicable for potential therapeutical strategies that are appropriate for the treatment of humans.

“Animal Models in Mucosal Immunology“

6 appointments per semester; 60-90 min
Topics: Animal endoscopy, colitis-models, T-cell-based tolerance models, gnotobiotics, infection models, gastrointestinal barriers
One main focus of the SFB 633 is to offer a variety of advanced methods used in the field of mucosal immunology. The students get an overview about specific animal models such as colitis or gastrointestinal tumors and about main features of the mouse endoscopy technique. Furthermore the participants learn to interpret the obtained macroscopic results and to handle specific tools.

The aim of this course is to introduce the students to specific techniques in the field of the mucosal immunology.

Translational Approaches

3 appointments per semester; 60-90 min
The Charité and its surrounding institutes provide ideal opportunities for an interdisciplinary education of students working in the field of patient-related research and clinical studies. The aim of these lecture series is to introduce students to the various steps from development of experimental data to clinical use of new medications.


The Students´ Research Day

The IMMUCO program provides an ideal environment involving the students in the planning, organization and performance of scientific meetings. The presentation and the discussion of generated results by all students occur once a year as a separate Students´ Day or in the context of the SFB symposium. The students get professional feedback by assigned experts concerning the quality of their results and the way of presentation. The aim of the Students´ Day is not only to discuss results and present own data but also to become familiar with the organization and moderation of scientific conferences supported by supervisors and the program coordinator.