C) Additional Course Offerings

Various informative immunological courses and lectures offered by other local research institutes are summarized in the section C) Additional Course Offerings.

Beside the SFB 633 and the Integrated Research Training Group IMMUCO a variety of other institutes and research groups focussed on immunology characterize the scientific environment in Berlin. Seminars of the undefinedResearch Center ImmunoSciences (RCIS) and the undefinedSFB 650 provide additional information about immunological topics in general. Students interested in infection biology can attend the seminar series of the undefinedCenter of Infection Biology and Immunity (ZIBI). The undefinedSFB/TR 43 focuses on neuroimmunology and provides an own seminar. The field tumorimmunology is represented by the undefinedKFO 105 and the undefinedSFB/TR 36. In accordance to the topic of their theses, IMMUCO students can take part in different activities of these and other programs.


Research Center ImmunoSciences (RCIS) Charité
SFB 650 “Cellular Approaches to the Suppression of Unwanted Immune Reactions – from Bench to Bedside”
(speaker Prof. Volk)

Infection Immunology

KFO 104 „Immune Pathogenesis and Intervention Strategies in Mucosal Infections“
(head Prof. Schneider)
Center of Infection Biology and Immunity (ZIBI)
(speaker Prof. Lucius)
Humboldt University

Tumor Immunology

KFO 105 „Growth Control of Neoplastic B-Cells: Tumor Biology and Molecular Therapies“
(speaker Prof. Dörken, head Prof. Schmitt)
SFB/TR 36 „Principles and Applications of Adoptive T-Cell Therapy“
(speaker Prof. Blankenstein)

Neuro Immunology

SFB/TR 43 “The Brain as a Target of Inflammatory Processes”
(speaker Prof.Dr. Frank Heppner)
GRK 1528/1 International Graduate School “Neuroinflammation”
(head Prof. Zipp, Prof. Kettenmann)

Cardio Immunology

SFB/TR19 “Inflammatory Cardiomyopathy - Molecular Pathogenesis and Treatment“
(speaker Prof. Schultheiss)