Scientific Presentation Workshop

Referentin: Dr. Lesley Ogilvie


Professional and convincing presentation of research results at conferences and seminars.


Part 1 – Essential features of a good scientific presentation, 9.30-11.30
Systematic design of presentations according to target group. Improving confidence and body language. Keeping your audience engaged and enthused. Guidelines for designing and using visual aids. Strategies for handling those awkward after presentation questions.
Trainer tips and short group exercises

Part 2 – Knowledge Transfer, 12.00-13.30
You know the essentials –let's put them into practice! Participants will prepare a 5-10 minute presentation based on their research work. As a basis for training, participants may like to prepare a short presentation in advance.
'Hands on' help and guidance

Part 3 – Presentations and Critique, 14.30-17.30
Each participant will give a 5-10 minute presentation. Together with the trainer, course participants will assess each other's work. Knowledge of your personal strengths and weaknesses will facilitate the development of your presentation skills. Each presentation will be recorded on DVD, allowing you to see yourself as others see you!

Trainer and group input –active discussions!