Scientific Writing

Referent: Mark Edwards

In scientific writing there are a number of grammar points which frequently cause problems, even for those who have reached a high level of proficiency in English: article usage; the tenses; prepositions; relative pronouns; the gerund and infinitive; inversion; defining and non-defining clauses; punctuation. We will focus on these and other language questions in a systematic manner, while building on your store of academic vocabulary and expressions. There will be regular writing as well as speaking practice, with feedback following each lesson.
We will examine:

  • Appropriate levels of formality
  • Achieving good ‘flow’ of ideas and expression
  • Accuracy in definition
  • Describing problems, solutions and outcomes
  • Presenting data and data commentary


All of these writing skills will be examined in the context of a variety of types of writing: General-specific texts, problem-process-solution texts and data commentary texts.