Eine Auswahl an Publikationen von Dr. rer. nat. Ulrike Erben

Freise C, Trowitzsch-Kienast W, Erben U, Seehofer D, Kim KY, Zeitz M, Ruehl M, Somasundaram R
(+)-Episesamin inhibits adipogenesis and exerts anti-inflammatory effects in 3T3-L1 (pre)adipocytes by sustained Wnt signaling, down-regulation of PPARγ and induction of iNOS.
J Nutr Biochem 2013; 24(3):550-5.
Moos V, Feurle GE, Schinnerling K, Geelhaar A, Friebel J, Allers K, Moter A, Kikhney J, Loddenkemper C, Kühl AA, Erben U, Fenollar F, Raoult D, Schneider T
Immunopathology of immune reconstitution inflammatory syndrome in Whipple's disease.
J Immunol 2013; 190(5):2354-61.
Zhao X, Rong L, Zhao X, Li X, Liu X, Deng J, Wu H, Xu X, Erben U, Wu P, Syrbe U, Sieper J, Qin Z
TNF signaling drives myeloid-derived suppressor cell accumulation.
J Clin Invest 2012; 122(11):4094-104.
Coordes A, Andreou A, Erben U, Stroh T, Blunert K, Slavova N, Siegmund B, Buhr HJ, Kroesen AJ
Recombinant human beta 2-defensin fusion proteins as a tool to investigate defensin structure and function in small human intestinal tissue samples.
Inflamm Res 2012; 61(12):1411-20.
Epple HJ, Allers K, Tröger H, Kühl A, Erben U, Fromm M, Zeitz M, Loddenkemper C, Schulzke JD, Schneider T
Acute HIV infection induces mucosal infiltration with CD4+ and CD8+ T cells, epithelial apoptosis, and a mucosal barrier defect.
Gastroenterology 2010; 139(4):1289-300.
Stanke J, Hoffmann C, Erben U, von Keyserling H, Stevanovic S, Cichon G, Schneider A, Kaufmann AM
A flow cytometry-based assay to assess minute frequencies of CD8+ T cells by their cytolytic function.
J Immunol Methods 2010; 360(1-2):56-65.
Stroh T, Erben U, Kühl AA, Zeitz M, Siegmund B
Combined pulse electroporation--a novel strategy for highly efficient transfection of human and mouse cells.
PLoS One 2010; 5(3):e9488.
Kuhne M, Erben U, Schulze-Tanzil G, Köhler D, Wu P, Richter FJ, John T, Radbruch A, Sieper J, Appel H
HLA-B27-restricted antigen presentation by human chondrocytes to CD8+ T cells: potential contribution to local immunopathologic processes in ankylosing spondylitis.
Arthritis Rheum 2009; 60(6):1635-46.
Erben U, Thiel E, Bittroff-Leben A, Schoch C, Fichtner I, Dürkop H, Notter M
CS-1, a novel c-kithi+ acute myeloid leukemia cell line with dendritic cell differentiation capacity and absent immunogenicity.
Int J Cancer 2003; 105(2):232-40.


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