Eine Auswahl an Publikationen von Prof. Dr. med / Dr. hc. Harald Stein

Bob R, Falini B, Marafioti T, Paterson JC, Pileri S, Stein H
Nodal reactive and neoplastic proliferation of monocytoid and marginal zone B cells: an immunoarchitectural and molecular study highlighting the relevance of IRTA1 and T-bet as positive markers.
Histopathology 2013; :[Epub ahead of print].
Joosten M, Seitz V, Zimmermann K, Sommerfeld A, Berg E, Lenze D, Leser U, Stein H, Hummel M
Histone acetylation and DNA demethylation of T cells result in an anaplastic large cell lymphoma-like phenotype.
Haematologica 2013; 98(2):247-54.
Hirsch B, Grünbaum M, Wagner F, Bi Y, Lucka L, Du MQ, Stein H, Dürkop H
A novel A20 (TNFAIP3) antibody (Ber-A20) can be used to detect unmutated A20 by immunohistology.
Histopathology 2012; 60(6B):E19-27.
Lueth M, Stein H, Spors B, Henze G, Driever PH
First case report of a peripheral T-cell lymphoma, not otherwise specified, of the central nervous system in a child.
J Pediatr Hematol Oncol 2012; 34(2):e66-8.
Stein H, Bob R
Is Hodgkin lymphoma just another B-cell lymphoma.
Curr Hematol Malig Rep 2009; 4(3):125-8.


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